"Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability" ~ William Osler
About American Osler Society

About The American Osler Society

The American Osler Society is a group of physicians, medical historians, and members of related professions united by the common purpose of keeping alive the memory of William Osler, and keeping its members vigilantly attentive to the lessons found in his life and teachings. Meetings shall be held periodically to present and discuss papers on Osler’s life, his influence upon the profession, any aspect of the humanistic approach to medicine that so typified his outlook, or subject related to the history of medicine. In addition, the Society may choose to publish such essays as the presentations of the Society, monographs, and books in order to keep the memory of Osler fresh by placing before the profession a continual reminder of his high principles of life and humanism in practice and to teach others of Osler’s continuing inspiration.