"Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability" ~ William Osler

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The Art of Surgery

In this latest blog, Drs. Steph Cohen and Maria Baimas-George write about their arts: surgery and illustration

art of surgery


Dr James Young's reflection on Oslerian aequanimitas and the pursuit of stillness in today's practice

James Young's latest article on Osler's imperturbability and equanimity as a lesson towards achieving stillness and presence in today's medical practice.

Introducing the AOS blog

Introducing the AOS blog

The AOS is starting a blog! Update the membership on your scholarly activity, send an reflection of humanism in medicine, contribute a perspective piece on a history of medicine topic, give a shout-out to a colleague or mentee acting in the Oslerian spirit.  Send your piece (or just a pitch) to AmericanOslerSocietySME@gmail.com with "BLOG SUBMISSION" in the title.