"Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability" ~ William Osler

The Elixir of Osler: An Oslerian Meetup in New York City

Deep in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, a few Young Oslerians each pursuing a different medical specialty, met up at the Harvard Club of New York City to reconnect over dinner. Having just begun our careers in medicine, we felt lucky to discover the effect of connecting with those with similar values early in our careers. Our conversation included reflections about how each of us picked our specialties, varying from psychiatry to radiology, but surprisingly each for the same reason: our choices ignite an enduring growth and curiosity mindset. As I advance in my training, this group of Young Oslerians continues to encourage my growth. We share with each other interesting historical facts, archived objects, and medical humanities events around the great New York City. We enjoy following what comes from the fruits of each other's curiosity: whether an artistic depiction of the brain as a train track from my colleague in neurology, or a Washington Post article on traveling to learn from traditional healers in Taiwan. 

The Osler Society brings an elixir of passion into medicine. It enables the full realization of a passionate, meaningful career in medicine by teaching us how to center our values and find belonging in the pursuit of medicine. Once connected within the organization, this sentiment translates into our daily practice and connects us to something larger than our specialties or institutions. It is a privilege to pursue a career in medicine alongside this passionate group of Oslerians in New York and worldwide. 


By Priya Dave. Follow her on Twitter: @priyasdave

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