"Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability" ~ William Osler

Introducing the AOS blog

Introducing the AOS Blog!

“Greetings & Solutions,” as my history of medicine mentor, Dr. Richie Kahn often says.  In revamping the American Osler Society’s website, we wanted to include a space for smaller pieces or longer pieces or more unusual pieces (like art or video) than what can be accommodated in the newsletter.

We’re also looking for commentary, updates, and milestones among our membership as well to highlight accomplishments of our members. Importantly, I want the blog to be a space for questions that can lead to connections – not just to new sources, but to new mentors and mentees. 

Our members are involved in articles, books, presentations, courses, classes, seminars, outings, interest-groups, and programs that engage with history, ethics, and humanities in medicine. 

I’m hoping that members will post periodically about what they’re up to, as well as what they are looking to get up to, in order to make connections that grow and develop through interest and inquiry which strengthen the Oslerian principles that draw us to the AOS.

How will the blog work?

Send a pitch or a completed work as an attached pdf with a brief submission email introducing the piece and yourself to: AmericanOslerSocietySME@gmail.com with "BLOG SUBMISSION" in the title.  We’ll respond in order received – be patient – to accept the piece or make editorial suggestions.

We’re looking for questions/inquiries, essays, poems, arts, video-links to performances or presentations on topics concerning the history, humanities, and humanism of medicine. We encourage replies and reflections to pieces published on the blog.  Periodically you may see us post a prompt or topic that we are actively seeking material to address.

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