McGovern Lectures

John P. McGovern Award Lectureship

Through the generosity of the John P. McGovern Foundation to the American Osler Society, a John P. McGovern Award Lectureship was established in 1986. The lectureship makes possible an annual presentation of a paper dedicated to the general areas of Sir William Osler’s interests in the interface between the humanities and the sciences – in particular, medicine, literature, philosophy, and history. The lectureship is awarded to a leader of wide reputation who is selected by a special committee of the Society and is especially significant in that it also stands as a commemoration of Doctor McGovern’s own long-standing interest in and contributions of Osleriana.

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2018 K. Patrick Ober

2017 Carlos del Rio-not available

2016 Mark Dimunation-not available

2015 Rolando Del Maestro

2014 Sir Donald Irvine

2013 Bert Hansen

2012 C. David Naylor

2011 Rosemary A. Stevens

2010 Nuala P. Kenny

2009 Patrick A. McKee

2008 Charles E. Rosenberg

2007 Abraham Verghese

2006 Joseph J. Fins

2005 Karen Hein

2004 W. F. Bynum

2003 Sir Richard Doll

2002 James H. Cassedy

2001 Kenneth M. Ludmerer

2000 Gert H. Brieger

1999 John D. Stobo

1998 Paul Potter

1997 Roger J. Bulger

1996 David J. Rothman

1995 Sherwin B. Nuland

1994 David Hamilton

1993 Anne Hudson

1992 William C. Beck

1991 Daniel M. Fox

1990 E. A. Vastyan

1989 Lord Walton

1988 Joanne Trautmann

1987 Edward J. Huth

1986 Albert R. Jonsen

1983 James A. Knight




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